Targeted Leaflet Distribution

Bedfordshire Distributions provides a guaranteed leaflet and flyer distribution service throughout Bedfordshire and the Home Counties, ensuring that your company’s message gets directly into the hands of thousands of potential customers.Through the use of targeted leaflet distribution, you will get a direct, measurable and significantly more cost-effective service than any other marketing technique. Our careful assessment of the objectives of your campaign will help us to develop a detailed profile of your targeted customers thus enabling a result that will be most beneficial and lucrative to your business.

By using a company such as Bedfordshire Distributions, with skilled direct marketing professionals, full coverage of Bedfordshire via teams of local distributors and many years of industry experience, you can have complete peace of mind that your leaflet distribution is in capable hands.

Our portfolio of leaflet distribution services includes options to suit virtually any marketing budget and type of business.

Solus Distribution

Solus leaflet distribution is the most flexible of our services, and gives the best marketing results and return on investment. Our consultants will devise a completely bespoke campaign or series of campaigns that spotlight your company via door-to-door leaflet drops in your specified target areas, at the time of your choice.Choosing the Solus option will give your company exclusivity, ensuring that your promotional material is dropped alone without any other competitive items. With our up to date knowledge of local demographics, we can advise on the most appropriate locations to suit your business, where residents are most likely to respond favourably and take action upon receiving your leaflet.

Shared Distribution

Shared Distribution offers our clients a lower cost option via our scheduled leaflet distribution drops throughout Bedfordshire. We choose the best times to deliver these campaigns, and distribute no more than three leaflets to properties at one time. We never allow competing items to be delivered during the same campaign, giving you maximum opportunity for new sales and brand recognition. You will receive the same high quality, professional service as our Solus customers, but with the added advantage of making your spend go further.

Commercial Distribution

In a packed consumer market, it is vital to engage with customers regularly, to keep your brand in their minds when considering purchases. As well as door to door distribution, we offer dynamic handout campaigns in busy commercial areas, transport hubs and tourist attractions throughout Bedfordshire.

Our highly motivated teams of distributors will take your leaflets and flyers to the public, putting them directly into their hands for instant brand recognition and engaging with consumers with news of your products and special offers. These high energy campaigns are an affordable way to take your company to the heart of your target market in Bedfordshire.

For increased recognition, our distributors can be provided with branded clothing and bags while they implement your campaign.

Pick Up Points (Leaflet Dispensers)

In between leaflet distribution campaigns, you can keep your brand in the public�s consciousness at low cost with strategically placed leaflet dispensers to remind consumers about forthcoming events, special offers and new products. Our pick up points are placed in areas of high footfall, where people can pick up and browse your literature at their leisure, retaining them for future reference and purchases.

Our Additional Services

Bedfordshire Distributions offers a complete leaflet and flyer distribution service from concept and design through to implementation. By using a single provider for all your leaflet distribution requirements, you will streamline your direct marketing and make your advertising activity more efficient. See below for our �add-on� services to maximize the impact of your brand throughout Bedfordshire.

Market Research and Data Capture

The key to better campaigns is via market research and data capture. These two play a critical role in determining the success factors of many businesses. In order to yield measurable results, Bedfordshire Distributions will take into account the nature of your business, where we will choose the most advantageous times and locations for market research, to give you valuable insight into the purchasing habits of your target market in Bedfordshire.

Publicity Stunts and National Tours

In crowded shopping centres and tourist attractions, publicity stunts are a great way of attracting attention to your products, creating a buzz amongst consumers and engaging them with a high visibility promotional activity they will remember.
Bedfordshire Distributions provide exciting publicity events that will engage new prospects in Bedfordshire and around the UK, bringing your company to the attention to consumers who might otherwise remain unaware of what you have to offer.

Field Marketing

The importance of field marketing should never be underestimated, as this centres on organizing product and services launches right into the heart of your target market in Bedfordshire, with professional field marketing activities delivered by Bedfordshire Distributions.

Whether you choose product sampling, in-store promotions or demonstrations, our field marketing teams will ensure your products are promoted in a dynamic, interactive marketing activity that will instantly raise awareness of your brand for new sales leads and quick purchasing decisions.

Mascots and Costumed Characters

A well-designed mascot can easily become one of your best sales and marketing tools. We all love to be entertained, and our mascots and other costumed characters will add a new dimension to your leaflet and flyer distribution, drawing attention and keeping the public engaged while they receive your promotional materials.

In order to personify your brand, give us a quick call, and choose from our huge range of characters to find your favourite and bring your company’s promotion to life.

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